Favorite Half Pads

Favorite Half Pads

1. EquiFit T-Foam Non-Slip Contour Pad – equifit.net
2. Ultra ThinLine Contour Pad – thinlineglobal.com
3. Jump Original Ogilvy Memory Foam HalfPad – ogilvyequestrian.com

The EquiFit theraputic pad uses the T-Foam memory foam that is always so comfortable for horses. This pad maximizes support, disperses pressure points, absorbs shock, and helps prevent back soreness. I have always loved the EquiFit brand and though I have never used this pad, I have always wanted to try it.

The ThinLine pad has always been a favorite for many. It is great for horses that don’t need a lot of padding underneath the saddle. It flexes and moves with your horse, has great shock absorption, and offers closer contact between horse and rider

The Ogilvy pad is somewhat similar to the EquiFit one although there are a few different features. This pad uses anti-slip, moisture-wicking materials. It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. It also uses a memory foam that gives great shock absorption. This is another product that I have been dying to try on my horse.


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Washington International Horse Show

It’s that time of the year! Some of the world’s top riders travel to Washington, D.C.’s Verizon Center to compete in one of the most prestigious indoor horse shows in the country. And it starts today! If you can’t make it to D.C. this week, then do like me and tune in to the USEF Network on Saturday October 27 for the WIHS Equitation Finals and President’s Cup Grand Prix!

WIHS 2012 Poster

Washington International Horse Show October 23-28, 2012

Laura Kraut at WIHSLaura Kraut will be at WIHS this year!

Temporary stalls in the streets for WIHS 2012Temporary stalls in the streets of Washington, D.C.

1980 Tim Grubb at WIHSTim Grubb at the 1980 Washington International Horse Show

via WIHS

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Club Hipico – La Paz, Bolivia

For the past couple years I’ve had the pleasure of visiting family in Bolivia, South America. Most of my family lives in Santa Cruz and La Paz. One of the things I like to do is visit the riding clubs, obviously because I myself ride horses, but also because of their history and sense of community centered around horses. The club in La Paz is where the riders in my family first learned to ride and it is one of my favorite places to visit in Bolivia. Club Hipico Los Sargentos is nestled in the mountains of La Paz, Bolivia. The club offers many different amenities such as horse-back riding, soccer, racquet ball, tennis, a shooting range and a gymnasium with various fitness classes. This year, on October 27th, the club is hosting the 2012 Campeonato Nacional, national show jumping championship. Clubs, riders, and horses from all over Bolivia will travel to La Paz to compete.

Club Hipico Los Sargentos Campeonato Nacional 2012

Here are some pictures from my visit in December:

Club Hipico Los Sargentos club house The club house exterior

Club Hipico Los Sargentos club house and pool The interior of the club house and a view of the pool

Club Hipico Los Sargentos grand prix field View from the grand prix field

Club Hipico Los Sargentos horse and winding road One of the private barns and the beautiful winding road leading up to it

Club Hipico Los Sargentos schooling horses The schooling horses waiting for their students


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Fav Five: Boots

These are some of my favorite horse boots, for schooling and the show ring.

Favorite Five Horse Boots

1. CWD Buckle Tendon Boots – cwdsellier.com
2. Doda Hind Horse Boots – doversaddlery.com
3. Eskadron Flexisoft Air Easy Boots – doversaddlery.com
4. EquiFit T-Boot Hind Xcel Horse Boots – doversaddlery.com
5. Veredus Nero Carbon Gel Open Front Horse Boots – doversaddlery.com

The CWD leather boots are great for the show ring. I’ve tried so many different brands of leather boots and all are way too stiff and leave sores on my horses legs. But these CWD boots are amazing because the leather is so soft and they look great!

The Doda boots are also pretty great. The pressure points on the inside help your horse really lift their legs over the jump. I’ve used these in the jumpers and have seen many people use them in the schooling ring for hunters. But they don’t work on every horse.

Eskadron boots are very popular and great for schooling. The new ones have vents which help keep your horse cool. However the buckles don’t seem very durable. I know the velcro was a problem because it would wear out quickly, but at least velcro is easy to replace.

EquiFit is by far my favorite brand of boots. The memory foam offers the best support and comfort for your horse. I use the front and hind T-Boots for my horse in the jumpers. These hind Xcel boots are great for horses that need the extra help lifting their hind legs because you can add weights. They are a good alternative for horses that don’t respond to the pressure points on the Doda boots.

Veredus is another popular brand. I’ve never tried them but have always been curious. The gel seems to offer good support but what I really like is the extra protection from the carbon fiber shell. These would be great for schooling or showing.

via DOVER and CWD

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