ASPCA Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month. Take this month to do everything you can to help dogs in need! If you have a little nugget at home, you know how precious they are. So help all the other little nuggets out there! ASPCA October Adopt a Shelter Dog

ASPCA We are the Voice. Calendar cover

We Are the Voice

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Mungo & Maud

Mungo and Maud is a London based, chic and stylish store for dogs and cats. Treat your little nugget to cozy clothing and comfy beds. With winter coming, I’m sure they’d like a good snuggle.

Beetle Dog Coat - Mungo & Maud

Beetle Dog Coat

Cashmere Dog Pullover - Mungo & Maud

Cashmere Dog Pullover

Mungo Maud Dog Bags

Mungo & Maud Dog Bags

Classic Dog Bed - Mungo & Maud

Classic Dog Bed

Igloo Dog Bed - Mungo & Maud

Igloo Dog Bed



Royal Rider

The Queen’s passion for horses continues today.

Queen Elizabeth II 1940

Queen Elizabeth II 1940 at age 14

Queen Elizabeth II age 84

Queen Elizabeth II on a morning ride at age 84

via People and Richard Beal


Viggo Mortensen & Uraeus

From the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Viggo Mortensen bonds with his four legged cast member Uraeus. They played the characters Aragorn and his horse Brego. After getting to know each other so well, Viggo bought Uraeus at the end of filming. He even bought a horse for one of the films stunt doubles, as a gift! How awesome is that?! Kudos Viggo!

Aragorn and Brego
Viggo and Uraeus

Brego nuzzles Aragorn via


Sapphire’s Retirement

After much success in the show ring, one of the worlds greatest and most loved show jumpers is retired.

Sapphire Retires at Devon

Sapphire Celebrates with Donuts

The perks of retirement: no diet! With the help of Mclain, Sapphire celebrates with donuts!