Favorite Half Pads

Favorite Half Pads

1. EquiFit T-Foam Non-Slip Contour Pad –
2. Ultra ThinLine Contour Pad –
3. Jump Original Ogilvy Memory Foam HalfPad –

The EquiFit theraputic pad uses the T-Foam memory foam that is always so comfortable for horses. This pad maximizes support, disperses pressure points, absorbs shock, and helps prevent back soreness. I have always loved the EquiFit brand and though I have never used this pad, I have always wanted to try it.

The ThinLine pad has always been a favorite for many. It is great for horses that don’t need a lot of padding underneath the saddle. It flexes and moves with your horse, has great shock absorption, and offers closer contact between horse and rider

The Ogilvy pad is somewhat similar to the EquiFit one although there are a few different features. This pad uses anti-slip, moisture-wicking materials. It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. It also uses a memory foam that gives great shock absorption. This is another product that I have been dying to try on my horse.