These products are sleek and modern. Their cool variety of carriers for dogs and cats are safety tested and approved. My favorite is the Sleepypod because it can be used as a super comfy bed (which my little nugget would love) or a carrying bag. And I would totally get the Sidekick for my bike… Continue reading Sleepypod

Hand painted figurines by The Good Machinery

Admiring Italy based The Good Machinery‘s Strange Planet series of imaginatively hand painted animal figurines – looking at the little treasures simply cheer and brighten my day. The designs play with shapes and colors including polka dots, neon, golden, striped and my favorite, the black ombré horse with a bright neon pink muzzle… or maybe… Continue reading Hand painted figurines by The Good Machinery

Yas-Ming ceramics

Sweet collaboration between two talented girls bring to life these whimsical ceramic creations in their Kent studio in Britain. All YAS-MING products are completely designed and handmade by Ming Wai Sun and Yasmin Dilekkaya. Their process involves slip casting, press moulding and hand building techniques. Such clever use of names for each collection – Rawr,… Continue reading Yas-Ming ceramics