Reclaimed Creations

Sayaka Ganz is a Japanese, Indiana-based artist. Her materials consist of reclaimed plastic and household items. She uses these materials to create sculptures of animals and capture their movements. They look windswept and as if they were emerging from the walls, slowly materializing. Confluence Night Emergence Midnight link SAYAKA GANZ

Horsey Bike

This has to be the coolest bike ever. It is a horse shaped bike attachment designed by Korean designer, Eungi Kim. It would be so much fun to ride this “Horsey” around. link DESIGN BOOM

Stationery by Rifle Paper Co.

Adorable and whimsical hand-painted illustrations and lettering created by the boutique stationery brand and design studio based in Winter Park, Florida. All of their products are printed using environmentally friendly papers and assembled in-house by hand. I’m very much wanting one of each! Pony express social stationery set Pony express postcards Fox Card & Animal… Continue reading Stationery by Rifle Paper Co.

Anna-Wili Highfield

Anna-Wili is a Sydney-based artist that primarily uses archival cotton paper and copper pipes in her artwork. The paper is painted, cut and sewn into forms. The copper pipes are bent into contour drawing-like figures. Her sculptures consist of a variety of different animals and have quite a whimsical feel. Horse XIV 2010  Pegasus Bust… Continue reading Anna-Wili Highfield

Rocking Horses

Never had a rocking horse as a kid, it would be sweet to get one of these awesome designs: Hi HO Rocking Horse by Jarrod Lim Design. How comfortable does this sweet horse looks?!   GIDDYUP by New Zealand based designer Tim Wigmore. Great looking rocking horses using old worn saddles.   REGGIE the Eco… Continue reading Rocking Horses

Mungo & Maud

Mungo and Maud is a London based, chic and stylish store for dogs and cats. Treat your little nugget to cozy clothing and comfy beds. With winter coming, I’m sure they’d like a good snuggle. Beetle Dog Coat Cashmere Dog Pullover Mungo & Maud Dog Bags Classic Dog Bed Igloo Dog Bed via MUNGO &… Continue reading Mungo & Maud


These sculptures were created by a group of three Beijing-based artists called Unmask. The intriguing horse and human figures appear to be melting and dissolving away right before our eyes. Stainless steel sculptures suddenly seem very light. Flash Memory #9 stainless steel 2011 edition 6 Flash Memory #8 stainless steel 2011 edition 8 via H.T. Gallery

Go Go Gadget

Check out the LifeProof nüüd case for iPad and case for iPhone! They are literally life proof! This is perfect for the barn and horse shows. Avoid cracked screens, water damage, and dirt damage.  LifeProof’s four proofs: water, dirt, snow, and shock. via LifeProof

Ulrika Kestere

7 Horses, a photography series by Ulrika Kestere. The story behind this project is about a girl who had 7 imaginary horses and people thought she was crazy. One day the girl washed and hung her clothes to dry on a string in her garden, and out of nowhere a windy autumn storm came and… Continue reading Ulrika Kestere