Fav Five: Boots

These are some of my favorite horse boots, for schooling and the show ring.

Favorite Five Horse Boots

1. CWD Buckle Tendon Boots –Ā
2. Doda Hind Horse Boots –
3. Eskadron Flexisoft Air Easy Boots –
4. EquiFit T-Boot Hind Xcel Horse Boots –
5. Veredus Nero Carbon Gel Open Front Horse Boots –

The CWD leather boots are great for the show ring. I’ve tried so many different brands of leather boots and all are way too stiff and leave sores on my horses legs. But these CWD boots are amazing because the leather is so soft and they look great!

The Doda boots are also pretty great. The pressure points on the inside help your horse really lift their legs over the jump. I’ve used these in the jumpers and have seen many people use them in the schooling ring for hunters. But they don’t work on every horse.

Eskadron boots are very popular and great for schooling. The new ones have vents which help keep your horse cool. However the buckles don’t seem very durable. I know the velcro was a problem because it would wear out quickly, but at least velcro is easy to replace.

EquiFit is by far my favorite brand of boots. The memory foam offers the best support and comfort for your horse. I use the front and hind T-Boots for my horse in the jumpers. These hind Xcel boots are great for horses that need the extra help lifting their hind legs because you can add weights. They are a good alternative for horses that don’t respond to the pressure points on the Doda boots.

Veredus is another popular brand. I’ve never tried them but have always been curious. The gel seems to offer good support but what I really like is the extra protection from the carbon fiber shell. These would be great for schooling or showing.

via DOVER and CWD