Bionic Dog Toys

If your dog is anything like mine, they tear through toys in no time. I have searched and searched for long lasting toys for her and have yet to find one. Tennis balls seem to be the best, yet still not durable enough. But here is a toy that I am dying to try! Made for the most aggressive chewers, Boionic rubber toys are made of FDA food grade materials. The rubber floats, is dishwasher safe and is 100% recyclable. Awesome!

Bionic Ball Bionic Ball

Bionic Bone Bionic Bone

Bionic Stuffer Bionic Stuffer

Bionic Toss-n-Tug Bionic Toss-n-Tug



Rocking Horses

Never had a rocking horse as a kid, it would be sweet to get one of these awesome designs:

Hi Ho rocking horse

Hi HO Rocking Horse by Jarrod Lim Design. How comfortable does this sweet horse looks?!



GIDDYUP by New Zealand based designer Tim Wigmore. Great looking rocking horses using old worn saddles.


reggie rocking horse

REGGIE the Eco Rocker by Melbourne, Australia based product designer Shell Thomas. Sustainable alternative, made from recycled paper products, fully recyclable once outgrown. Provides a blank canvas for youngster’s creativity.


ROCKY rocking horse

ROCKY by Australian designer Marc Newson.
via dezeen


ROCKER rocking horse

ROCKER by London based design office Doshi Levien.
via daddymodern



KIDSMODERN offers a wonderful selection of contemporary rocking horses.
BOBBEL by Amsterdam designer Chris Slutter
HIPPOMOBIL by Austria’s Schmidingermodul